Changing Spare Tyre


If the case of tyre broken, stay clam. Changing tyre is no more than difficult, simply following the below steps.

1. Stopping the car in a safe location, turn on the indicator lights. If the tyre broken when driving, stay clam, holding the steering wheel tightly, and having the car parked to roadside slowly. Change to P mode for A/T vehicle, while for M/T vehicle should change to 1st gear or reverse gear

2. Make sure it is safe before getting off, and take out gloves, spare tyre and all other necessary tools, get ready for spare tyre replacement

3.Loosen the bolts in cornerwise

4. Put the jack under the vehicle, lifting the car up to the level that the tyre has little contact with the ground slowly. Put the spare tyre under the car to avoid a sudden slipping. Remove the bolts afterwards.


5. Further up lift the car with the jack up to having around 10cm from the ground, ensure there are enough room to put in the spare tyre. Remove the broken tyre and put it under the car, and put on the spare tyre.

6. After put on the spare tyre, ensure the bolts are in correct position, tightening them in cornerwise. Since the car is still suspending, bolts cannot be completely tightened.

7. Remove the broken tyre underneath and level down the car slowly with the jack. When the car returned to the ground level, completely tightening all the bolts in cornerwise.

Finally put the broken tyre and all the tools back into the compartment, spare tyre changing is completed. At the meanwhile, the car must be getting back to service centre for a new tyre replacement as soon as possible.


Q: Where should the jack be put?
A: The jack should be put under the marking indicated








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