Spark Plug Replacement


The spark plugs in your vehicle should be replaced according the maintenance schedule recommended in the owner’s menu

1.Clean off any dirt and oil that have collected around the ignition coils.

2. Use a wrench to remove a bolt holding the ignition coil. Remove the ignition coil by pulling it straight out.


3. Disconnect the wire connector from the ignition coil by pushing on the lock tab and pulling on the connector. Pull on the plastic connector, not the wires.

4.Remove the spark plug after the ignition coil was removed.

5. Put the new spark plug into, then screw it into the hole

6.Torque the spark plug and tighten torque.

7. Install the ignition coil, and reinstall the nut. Connect the wire connector to the ignition coil and push it down all the way.

8.Repeat this procedure for the remaining spark plugs.






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