Checking on Oils & Fluids


Checking on Oils & Fluids 2


Battery Electrolyte

1.Check for the battery poles and bolts if loosen or any erosion

2. Check the level of battery electrolyte which should be between the “Upper” and “Lower” level

3. If it fall below the level, replenish with distilled water up to the “Lower” level

4.Tightened the cap after replenishment


Windscreen Fluid

1. The windscreen fluid bottle is easy to locate, usually it is a big plastic bottle or a thin curved pipe, with its cap with a sign of wiper on it.

2.Check the level of windscreen fluid
3.In case of low volume, refill with fresh water plus windscreen fluid



Just an eye checking on the level of coolant will be enough.


1.Switch off the engine
2. Read the level of coolant, it should be fall between the level of MAX and MIN. When the engine heated, the coolant may come higher than the MAX level.


Not recommended customer to open the cap
of coolant to avoid getting burned by pressure and hot coolant







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