Checking on Oils & Fluids


Checking on Oil & Fluids 1

Engine Oil

1.Switch off the engine for 3 minutes and have the oil returned

2.Pull out the engine oil level gauge

3.Clean the engine oil level gauge

4.Return the engine oil level gauge to its original position


5. Withdraw it again and read the marking. The marks should be between the marking "MAX" and "MIN”


If the engine oil always falls below the level,
the vehicle should be sent to service centre
for detail checking.



Brake Fluid

Read the level on the bottle of brake fluid, it usually locates next to the brake pump


1.Read the level of brake fluid, which should be between MAX and MIN

2. Also check on the clarity at the same time, make sure that it does not deteriorated.

Clarity comparison of brake fluid


If anything extraordinary was found, please ask for professional advise immediately.



Transmission Fluid

Stop the car on a flat surface for checking the transmission fluid. Start the engine


1. Generally, the transmission fluid level gauge locates near to the engine, in another colour
2. Braking when the engine in idling speed, moving the shifting knob from model P to L, passing all the locations, and finally fix it in P mode.
3. Read the temperature gauge, ensure the coolant is under the appropriate working temperature
4. Making reference to owner’s menu, ensure the checking on transmission fluid should be conducted when the engine is running or should be shutted down
5.Pull out the engine level gauge, clean it and return to its original position
- Clean the level gauge and return it
- Pull out the level gauge again and read the level

6.Pull out the level gauge again and read the level  

7. The transmission fluid should be level between “Min” & “Max”




If abnormal low level of transmission fluid was found, please ask for professional advise as leakage may happened.









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